Cindy‘s CHOICE is to be brave and make a difference!

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B R A V E    B R A N D S


$200 Monthly

Cindy’s unique and authentic personal approach to marketing allows a business to have a better quality of representation at much less cost and with unlimited added value!

The Cindy’s CHOICE concept does not separate personal from business…because consumers take it real personal when businesses do not deliver as promised! Consumers are savvier than ever and have high expectations these days. Would be customers are getting numb to the routine social media blasting and ad saturation everywhere that they look. Self promotion comes off needy and annoying which is detrimental to your brand. It is self focused which demonstrates that a business is all about just getting attention and not interested in taking the time to engage with their potential customer base and understand who they really are and what they really want. Today’s consumers are smarter than most marketers give them credit for and they are insulted and put off by current trends.

 Most businesses tend to jump on the band wagon of any type of marketing trend that comes along and attempt disingenuous relationship building tactics that consumers are too wise to fall for anymore. The Cindy’s CHOICE brand is built on respecting the consumer’s intelligence and being real. Cindy prefers match making to selling – people do not want to be sold and they are downright sick of being bombarded with pushy messages. Cindy simply chooses to treat consumers as intelligent human beings and work toward forging authentic relationships and engagement in the community while creating more and more platforms to introduce the integrity based clients that support the Cindy’s CHOICE mission. The added value is off the charts and will help change the dismal statistics for success of a business.

 Cindy understands that even when a business is genuinely customer focused, there are just so many demands on the owner that take their focus elsewhere. There are many entrepreneurs with a heart of gold, but they have a more operational personality that makes it challenging for them to participate in community or networking events or organizations – and that’s okay! Cindy balances that operational personality with her more relational personality so that the owner can utilize their skills where they are needed most. Since Cindy is genuinely concerned about the needs of others and makes that her business…it is best to put her in that role, so the business owner can focus on fortifying the business to better support the client’s needs.

The Cindy’s CHOICE ever expanding platform does not conform or perform, it is dedicating to consistently inform and ultimately transform. That’s because Cindy is genuinely community and customer focused…and determined to make a difference.  You can be included in the Cindy’s CHOICE protected and preferred network and be a champion with Cindy to make an impact in our community while your business grows in the process. Together we can do so much more! So if you are an established and integrity centric brand wanting your message amplified while contributing to the community in the process…then contact Cindy today!