cindy’s choice

About the Show

The Cindy’s CHOICE radio show is derived from Cindy’s creative and innovative concept to combine a community platform with an economic development mission that serves society through collaboration. Cindy may a have a national celebrity on as she caps events all over the country, or you may tune in and catch a conversation between some of the Cindy’s CHOICE Ensemble of Experts that co-host with her with a community leader as the guest or they may have a guest on that spotlight an important cause, event or community initiative. At times, Cindy will be on the show solo and share more about her powerful overcomer’s story that spurs her passion to forward her mission to make an impact. Cindy’s personal community outreach allows her to keep her thumb on the pulse of our city and recognize what is relevant. She likes to steer clear of constant infomercials and one-sided interviews and strives to offer a more varied and authentic conversational style. Lots of Cindy’s shows can be heard and seen on the Cindy’s CHOICE YouTube Channel.


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