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Cindy’s Story?

Cindy’s horrible start in life will make you wonder how this self-proclaimed “Pollyanna” could stay so positive and sensitive with such love for mankind. It is amazing that Cindy even survived her childhood with a Sociopathic mother that absolutely hated her and mistreated her terribly. Cindy’s mother was very vain and spent lots of money on stylish clothes and beauty treatments for herself while she would constantly be demeaning Cindy, criticizing her every effort, expecting Cindy to cater to her every personal need while Cindy went without basic care and needs. This person that was supposed to nurture and protect Cindy was a ruthless predator that victimized Cindy routinely. Not only was Cindy left alone extensively with absolutely no food to eat, but her mother would callously hand her off to pedophiles for profit. It is no wonder that Cindy would run away to escape the perverts only to take a beating when she got home as her mother would be full of rage at Cindy because she did not fully deliver the goods. Cindy would end up running away again in order to stop the escalating physical assault and severe cussing directed at Cindy with full force. She would spend a couple nights on the streets as early as 10 years old and then slip back into the house when her mother was away. If her mother did supply some food, Cindy can only remember mainly white bread and jelly. They moved around a lot and Cindy missed a lot of school and spent lots of time alone. They were often moving in with mom’s new boyfriend with it always ending fast and ugly as her mother’s volatile nature seemed to attract a lot of the same. Cindy’s mother would lie about tall Cindy’s age so she could get her a job and then put Cindy in extremely uncomfortable situations when her mother wanted her to steal from the proprietor. Cindy was waitressing in truck stop environments at age 13 and never saw a dime of her income to go toward any of Cindy’s needs that went ignored. Cindy was working full time and paying rent to her mother and expected to cover other household needs leaving her just enough left over to pay the taxi fare to get to work. It’s no surprise that Cindy’s mother put her out on the streets with absolutely nothing when she was only 15 years old. Cindy’s teen years were tough as she lived a gypsy lifestyle with bouts of homelessness that she had become accustomed to with her mother dragging her all around the country and her routinely running away to escape her mother’s rage and abuse. There were offers of help from those only wanting to take advantage of Cindy’s vulnerability and thus continued her cycle of fleeing danger with no safe refuge to retreat to leaving her easy prey in a hostile world. Cindy’s conditioning had her fiercely independent and very brave becoming pretty accomplished at ebbing and weaving through the constant challenges that come at a naive young girl on her own and that was so unprepared for life. Despite Cindy experiencing such cruel atrocities in her life, she stayed cheerful, fun loving with a positive outlook on life. 

As Cindy went stumbling into early adulthood, she stayed tender-hearted and gained many positive virtues that allowed her to not be totally defeated by the disadvantaged start that she chose not to dwell on to a degree of pretty major denial. Surviving and enduring such brutal beginnings most definitely caused some emotional instability but it also gave Cindy just enough crazy to make her extremely creative with the right dose of confidence and courage necessary for a young girl to navigate the confusing life maze that she had to figure out on her own. Supporting herself at such an early age generated an exceptional work ethic. She always advanced fast and just as quickly outgrew every place that she found herself employed. Taking ownership of every role and always in search of a greater challenge was her M-O which fostered a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit that is evident with Cindy’s professional prowess.  Cindy was so strong professionally, but her personal issues were still undetected to her and as much as she tried to do the right thing and do right by all in her life – she still found herself in a cycle of constant dead ends. All she knew was to run away from the bad and try to restart with something better – but it’s really hard to seek something that you have never seen; and Cindy had no idea what better was because she had only a few fleeting examples that did not leave enough of an impression to create a solid awareness with her.

So that just right amount of crazy, courage and creativity top off with a driven determination and tenacity allowed Cindy to manage her life with the brokenness that she concealed kept undetected for quite a while. Cindy was still naive in believing that others were as honest and well intending as she was and that set her up consistently to be dooped by deceivers. And to add insult to injury, Cindy came to find out that Childhood trauma and abuse doesn’t just affect the mind and emotions and just as in the case for Cindy, it can seriously affect the body, too. Children who feel perpetually in danger grow up with a heightened stress response. This in turn elevates their emotions. It makes it difficult for them to sleep; it lowers their immune function, and over time increases the risk of a number of debilitative chronic diseases. Single momming it without a healthy network of support on top of her shaky beginnings with a lifetime of challenges to overcome culminated to create a breaking point for Cindy. This once driven irrepressible force was down for the count with her health affected to the point that she was left destitute not being able to take care of herself nor her beloved children.


This was not long after Cindy had finally discovered that she could depend on Christ for guidance in her life and she dug deep to deal with her deeply rooted issues and began to recognize how detrimental her early conditioning was and not just to her physical and emotional health; but to her being able to live a truly fulfilling life without limits. She especially recognized that her fierce independence was a major hindrance – thinking that she did not need anyone and was meant to do everything on her own was an absurd farce. Though she had not had good examples of a healthy support system in her personal or professional life, she embraced that notion and became passionate about cohesive networks and collaboration.

It took some time, but as soon as Cindy had a grasp of some solid truths she developed very strong convictions. Those convictions were tested relentlessly and she would lose ground time and time again when she compromised her beliefs in order to not end up on the streets alone. With Cindy’s general living environment, for the most part, she was used to those in her circles wanting to benefit somehow from her and keep her down instead of offering a hand up. Cindy was one of the strays vulnerable to the wolves throughout her life, but now due to her illness, she was a wounded stray which made her an even easier target. Unfortunately, with the illness looming heavily at the time; she felt forced to be dependent on those that claimed they cared about her, but only demonstrated that they clearly did not have her best interest in mind.

After some pretty degrading, devastating and dangerous cycles, some positive outcomes had occurred. Cindy had learned to manage her stress and health much better despite the lengthy and taxing years of not having a safe refuge. Faith was her constant mode of operation and that allowed her to not get bitter, but to believe for much better and much bigger. She came to a place of great peace and understanding where she knew she had to stop trying to solve her own problems with her limited resources. She knew that she needed to “woman up” to take the road less traveled on her own and walk away from the false sense of security that she had in the deceptive relationships that were holding her back. This decision led to Cindy ending up where she had feared the most, she found herself alone and homeless on the dicey streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Though it may sound like a good fiction adventure series – it was actually a very real and raw pilgrimage that could no longer be avoided if Cindy was going to break free from the defeating cycles. Cindy could only face this summons because she just finally got so fed up and felt that, despite the fear and the significant limitations, she just had to take the chance on completely depending on Jesus to free her of ever being dependent on anyone that did not have her best interest in mind again.

Not only has Cindy literally networked her way off of the streets to rebuild her life on a much stronger foundation, but she has transformed her life completely. Going toe to toe with her demons, facing her deepest fears head on has allowed Cindy to come out of her battles truly empowered. She is unstoppable! This fierce force is dead set on utilizing every bit of what she has learned from her personal and professional experiences in making an impact in the community and across the country. Cindy is attracting an amazingly strong and supportive network that is allowing her to fulfill her purpose in helping others to do the same. 

Cindy’s challenges help her see exactly why people end up on the streets and she recognizes the crack in the systems that leading to people falling through and ending up right back on the streets where they ended up more and more desperate and likely to make bad decisions. Solutions oriented Cindy will not settle for anything less than real results. She was held back by the band aids that are handed out by well -organizations and individuals, but Cindy has discovered key issues that are contributing to the homeless rate increasing so drastically and so many people becoming disadvantaged, becoming more vulnerable to those that want to exploit them for their own greedy and heartless benefit. 

Cindy’s concept has evolved to a level that she can team with integrity-centric business leaders who she recognizes as the only way to get the significant results needed to get our society turned around. Cindy’s CHOICE is supported by businesses to build a business that will build businesses to supply self-sufficiency and mend our cracked economy before it becomes too broken to fix. Cindy recognizes, who but business owners to take on such a task as this…for such a time as this?  

Cindy is a prolific creative. Her level of creativity is rare and highly valued in the business world. The problem with this attribute is that her services are not needed for long once the plan is approved and funded, the positions are filled and production begins. 

“The worst thing for creative people to do is not be creative because they just wither and die…Creative people are cursed with the necessity of putting their foot out into the unknown and making sense of it.”                           Jordan Peterson, highly renowned psychologist author and speaker 

Cindy has found a way to utilize her gift to benefit many others and better serve our society. 

Cindy’s story demonstrates her heart for people and dedication to the cause. Cindy’s CHOICE is primed for impact and ready to make a difference. This authentic warrior on a mission is not building a platform to be popular and attract followers, Cindy is purposeful and wants participants who care. That is what has propelled her success and she is eager for more like-minded like-hearted business leaders to join her in making history. together – for the sake of our society.



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