Cindy‘s CHOICE is to be brave and make a difference!

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Destitute to Destiny

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Cindy’s CHOICE is powered by integrity-centric businesses that care about our cause and are committed to making a difference together.

Cindy’s concept gets to the core issues that are crippling our country.

Cindy’s NO BAND AIDS approach get real results.

Cindy is a prolific creative applying her gift to better our society.

Cindy is a purpose driven market leader that is determined to make a difference.

Cindy seeks participants, not followers.

Cindy seeks to be purposeful instead of seeking to be popular.

Cindy‘s CHOICE is to
be brave and make a difference!

A Destitute to Destiny story from Homelessness to Humanitarian 

Cindy’s Choice

LIVE on WGOW Talk Radio 102.3 FM – The Talk Monster!


Cindy has earned trust and respect from using her

LIVE radio and local TV platforms purposefully to serve

society instead of being propaganda based. 

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Cindy encourages outside activity for over all good health!

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