Cindy‘s CHOICE is to be brave and make a difference!

Cindy interviews celebrities, businesses, and city leaders ever-expanding the platform to better endorse the Cindy’s CHOICE clients serve the community.
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Thomas Taylor, CPA

Chattanooga’s Reliable Tax Service Experts

SSP Marketing

Full Service Digital Marketing Company 

FIRMAN Power Equipment

Adventure Begins With FIRMAN

The Bump Card

Cindy’s CHOICE is powered by integrity-centric businesses that care about our cause and are committed to making a difference together.

Do you find it hard to locate trustworthy businesses?

Do you like supporting businesses that give back?

Do you think we can make a difference together?

How do you know who you can trust?

Cindy‘s CHOICE is to
be brave and make a difference!

A Destitute to Destiny story from Homelessness to Humanitarian 

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