What is

Cindy’s CHOICE?

It is Cindy’s CHOICE to celebrate and collaborate our community! Cindy’s CHOICE is an innovative Community Action Organization that is supporting small businesses while serving our community.

In 2019 Inc. Magazine reported that 96 percent of CONSUMERS DO NOT TRUST ADS and it is no surprise that we are skeptical when we are bombarded with pop-up ads, tacky self promoting publicity stunts and even offensive content and mind numbing trends. It only makes it obvious that many businesses really do not have the customer in mind…they are all about themselves and whatever it takes to get noticed and drive your dollars in their direction.

So what’s the answer? How do you know which services that you can really trust? Who warrants your business? How do you find trusted experts and reliable resources? The best way is to go with a trusted source that offers trusted resources.

Anyone can pay for advertising. Anyone can have a fancy website. Absolutely anyone can promote on Social Media. Anyone can pay to be on a vendor list and manipulate their ratings…but not just anyone can be A CHOICE.

That’s why Cindy’s CHOICE is integrity centric businesses that care and contribute to the community through collaboration. Cindy is super selective with the services that she includes in the Cindy’s CHOICE collaborative – they have to really care. She values the trust of the community that she so diligently serves. She demonstrates her standards and dedication to civic support through her direct engagement in our community, through the Cindy’s CHOICE media platforms, through the Cindy’s CHOICE events that raise money and awareness for important causes, and through the Cindy’s CHOICE community initiatives that support the Cindy’s CHOICE Charitable Charter.

As a consumer, you can trust Cindy’s CHOICE. You are not only supporting small businesses that Cindy utilizes herself and that she is vouching for, but you are actually supporting your community by utilizing these companies that care and contribute through Cindy’s CHOICE.

Read Cindy’s story, listen to her media broadcast and follow her on social media. She welcomes you to get to know her and better understand her mission to make an impact in the local community. She values your trust and support that allows Cindy’s CHOICE to make an impact in our community! You can be a part of making a difference, because together…we can do so much more. And that’s Cindy’s CHOICE.


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