Outside with cindy

About the Show

The Outside with Cindy radio show is derived from Cindy’s authentic passion to celebrate and collaborate the outdoor culture that is so centric to our city. She strives to engage and encourage the community to get outside and get active in order to enjoy and benefit from the many outside amenities that we have in the beautiful Tennessee Valley region. It’s not just about getting outside to benefit from physical activity in the fresh air and sunshine…but getting out of the day to day grind to help your mind, body and soul. Sharing a common connection with the community allows us all to not pay so much attention to differences and focus on the one awesome interest that we all share and enjoy together. It can be anything from kayaking, hang gliding, trail running to bird watching, boating or festival attending. Tune in and dial in to join in as the show airs LIVE to offer community engagement in real time.


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